Initial group session

Start to build a shared resonant field and get to know each other

  1. The Organizer of the session invites everyone to introduce themselves: First name, location on the Planet.
  2. Choose a volunteering Facilitator to hold safe space and keep the process moving.
  3. The Facilitator states the Purpose of the session:
    “To create a safe and resonant field within which each of us can open and begin exploring our Life Purpose. Each of us will be given the opportunity to be seen, heard, appreciated and then reflected back to ourselves by the members of the Group for our natural qualities and gifts as experienced by others.”
  4. The Facilitator invites the Group members:
    • Let us become centered in ourselves by closing our eyes, dropping into the body, and taking some deep breaths – inhale/exhale…
    • Let us sit in stillness together, connecting to our own hearts and each other’s hearts for a few minutes, forming a shared resonant field of love between us, across the planet. Feel the vibration in and through You.
    • Let us continue breathing and connecting to our deepest Selves and connect with our Life Purpose; that which has accompanied us throughout this life (and perhaps others). “When we ask, it is given.” 
    • Make some notes or draw whatever arises. 
  5. The Facilitator assures Group that ‘you can’t do this wrong’, creating a space of ease, safety, light-heartedness, and loving acceptance.
  6. The Facilitator invites sharing re. what each member is finding, what’s coming up. Nothing final, just getting the juices flowing and creating a sphere of acceptance – anything’s welcome. Start by saying ‘my name is ……….’ when appropriate, so that it is clear who speaks.
    • If any Group member is drawing a blank (some of us have gotten strong conditioning and messages that make it feel unsafe, like a trap or set-up, to even know, let alone share – what we know or what we want), this person (or persons by turn) gets the floor. The Group’s job is to beam love and acceptance, valuing and assisting that individual to deeply call on and connect with their deepest Self to lovingly fill them, guiding them to un-hook, release and drop any stuckness. It’s safe now. Group holds space for that person to ‘become unfrozen.’
      (No therapy, Group refrains from giving advice, commiserating, etc.)
  7. The Facilitator invites, if someone feels called, to offer gentle feedback, inquiry or positive reflection.
  8. This process continues until everybody in the Group who have something to share has spoken and received feedback from members of the Group.
  9. In concluding this process, Facilitator:
    • Asks everybody to reflect on their experience in the Group, and
    • Asks for a volunteer for the personal exploration session next. Even though the volunteer may reflect ahead of the next session, it is important to not be limited by these thoughts. The greatest insights may not appear in your head, but in the moment, spontaneously in the shared resonant field.

Video from first Initial group session (49 minutes. Should be viewed from the start but can be left at any time)

Download the Guidelines
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